Adoption IS INDEED Happening!

Here is the Story- THE whole truth and NOTHING but the TRUTH!!

We have always wanted to adopt from the time we were married 4 years ago. We never imagined it going this way,but oh how GOD is a great author of our lives! We went on vacation last December/January and at this time our niece and nephew were living with a relative and was in care of the state. We were asked by a relative,” Would you want to adopt some kids?” as we were shocked to be asked such a question we said, “of course WE WOULD!”

That was the second time that was brought up with our niece and nephew. That night we told-I mean prayed and asked God for Him to open the doors if it was what we are to do. Well, We told Him to KICK down doors that needed to open for it to happen. RING RING- 3rd time we are hearing about our niece and nephew…..ONLY a few weeks after coming home from that vacation.

Here is a story for you. It dawned on me that I have been praying for children because I long to be a mother,but I have never prayed for preparation for those children I wanted. One night in my bath..(Yes! I pray in my bubble baths) I cried out to the Lord…..and He has been answering! Literally the next day after with that 3rd phone call and the ball began rolling! We have been up to our necks in preparing for children.

In 2 months it will be a year since we have started this journey to Adoption. There were many months of  delays in getting a home study done, 10 weeks of classes, licensing, and preparing our home for toddlers. Through it all.. It seemed so long,but quick at the same time. When I say things have been quick I am also including God breaking my heart and putting it back together in a better way-the BEST WAY!

Our road was started for our niece and nephew. We have done all of this for them. To adopt them if their parents couldn’t care for them….BUT we went on the KVC website ( and learned about all these children who need homes. Children who have been in the foster care system for years!.. Doesn’t that make your heart sink into your gut and you tear up at the thought….“Their whole lives have been from home to home, most have no clue who their parents are, and are just yearning for what I have been blessed with my whole life”

Truth is I didn’t want to adopt older children. I wanted a baby fresh out the womb if I was going to adopt. To me older children have baggage and I certainly can NOT help them. Oh GOD… You ripped my heart to pieces!

One day I don’t know why,but I went on the website by myself one morning while the hubby was at work. I watched MANY videos of these children. Almost all of them stated,” I don’t know how long I have been in foster care” and “I want to be adopted to have someone who loves and cares for me”  AND I just shattered. I cried and I cried.. like snot and all. ” How could I be so picky?” “How can I say I can’t help these older kiddos?” God spoke and I listened,” I take people in at all ages. Age doesn’t matter. They are longing for parents as you are longing for a child.”

Oh How He is RIGHT!! Of course He is Courtney-God does take us in at any age and with any baggage we may have. He cleans us from ALL of our baggage and we are renewed!

Of course when I called my husband over and I was full of snot and heartbroken…. He was delighted. My husband wanted to adopt older children.

God used our niece and nephew to get us going on our Adoption Plan. He used them to prepare us for children. Our home has been rearranged, baby proofed,and examined by a few people 😉 God showed me that older children need me as well,not just babies. JUST TO BE CLEAR: We are still praying and believing for our own biological children! We still have the possibility of adopting our niece and nephew,but we are praying for them to be reunited with their Dad!-That journey is soon beginning for their family-So join us in praying for them!

We are happy to announce, “We are Adopting!”

We are adopting through the Foster Care system! We have had a home study. We are soon to be licensed foster parents. We have more paperwork to go through. We don’t know who we are adopting. We do know that we don’t care what Race or Gender. Our age range will be newborn – 10 years old. We are also okay with adopting  a sibling set of 2!

As we don’t know the many details yet, we do know we may need to purchase new things for rooms especially if we adopt children not in the toddler age.

Be in Prayer for:

  • Our process through this
  • Wisdom
  • Our future children
  • Finances to support things for their rooms if we need to make changes (ex. removing toddler bed for a twin bed)

Thank You for sharing in this Journey with Damian and I. We are blessed to have So MANY people to be praying and supporting us!



2 thoughts on “Is this HAPPENING?

  1. I have no idea how I missed this but this is amazing news!!! Congrats!! Thank you so much for the Christmas Card, that was so very sweet of you!! We have moved but the card got re-routed to us!! I hope you were able to adopt!!

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