Hello, I’m Back!

Hey All!

Long time no see! I am so sorry about that! See what happened was…

I went on a 2 week vacation back to Louisiana. This meant loading up our vehicle with all our Christmas gifts for family and friends, our luggage,entertainment for the road trip,snacks, Oh and a dog and a cat!!! That’s right a dog and a cat.. Which made a 12.5 hour drive seem like 24 hours long!

We left the day after Christmas! Made it there safely! It was all fun and games,but then.. you realize your lifestyle and everyone around you had a complete opposite lifestyle. It made for the 2 weeks to drag on! So we told ourselves we will never spend 2 weeks with family again unless something unexpected happened!

We enjoyed some company, some food,and the time off from work….

We came back home on a Thursday.. We were not to start working until the Monday so we thought we would have a great long weekend before going back to work…NOT!

We came back to a mess.. No weekend staff(which we were aware of before vacation) then a lot of other issues were going on.. Which lead to having NO STAFF. That’s right..Us working everything substitute staff didn’t cover. So let’s just say it has been a little crazy around here. I know my brain is crazy. I have now accepted that I have to write what I have to do or I will forget. Mainly things dealing with deadlines!

Although, through the mess we are in, there are glimpses of light and blessings we count everyday! 

Here’s a few

  • We opened a Savings account! Mainly to save for a down payment on a home in the next few years. We are also allowing God to guide us with this. So, if we feel God is leading us to help someone financially we will,since he owns it anyway not us!
  • We now have a new sofa,area rug, small entertainment center,upgraded flat screen & PS3! Many might think OMG they are ballin’..haha! We have never owned new things besides what we received as wedding gifts and our guest bedroom bed. Everything else in our entire house has been giving or used. Which we love GoodWill & thrift shops. The fact is that our job is a blessing even on the rough days/weeks. It has allowed us to make more than we ever have, we have paid off debt & continue to (vehicle note), Damian is in school,and so many more to come!
  • For the first time since we have been married or even when we were single we are receiving an income tax refund! Of course it is going into the savings:)
  • We recently learned that we can start paying on Damian’s student loan NOW! We hope he receives grants the remainder of his time in school,but knowing we can pay now so that when we are ready to get a home there will be no debt except our home!

I know I listed my recent blessings, but it is so hard for me to see them on a bad day. A day where I have already worked a 55 hour work week, told staff is coming in from 7a-3p on a day I am originally to have off and turns out they don’t show or call. You then realize I have to work 12 more hours… you through a tantrum because you just want time to yourself. To do what you want… Why not put that tantrum aside and pray. Ask God to give you the strength and energy to endure another day of work and press on.. the prize of a day off or break is coming.. It did for me and Damian.

It was a surprise to get staff this morning. They worked 8a-6p. Enough time for me and Damian to go to church, for me to have a meeting with Women’s Ministry, Damian to finish a paper for school, and to relax and enjoy each other for a short time. It felt good! It was refreshing. It was worth the wait! If we had staff yesterday, I am sure we wouldn’t have had staff today to enjoy our Sabbath day. Our day we really like having off together. Boy, is God good and always on time!

I am so preaching to myself right now. I have been in the dump since we got back from vacation. So upset with everything going on. Wondering why? Why do we have to go through working all these hours and no time off? Why? That darn Why question. We always ask that with everything. We need to just sit, wait, and listen. I am sure we will be getting the answer soon. He is always on time. He is always on our side. He knows what we need. He loves to graciously give. So let’s let him give & continually be thankful!


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