Is It Just An Ordinary Day?

Hey All! So, as you know from a few weeks back I talked about our vacation coming up and all that we have to do in order to go and feel like everything will be okay while away! THAT VACATION IS HERE! YAY!!!

While the hubby and I are so EXCITED that it is finally here, we feel that today feels like just any other day. Today is Christmas Day!

I am sure we feel like this because we are working. We are doing what we do every day(washing clothes,passing meds,helping with hygiene, etc etc.) Nothing changes at work. Our ladies have set schedules that they are used too. If you try to change them behaviors occur.Another reason it feels like just another day is we all opened gifts early. We can NEVER wait!

We did have a BIG breakfast this morning! Pancakes..Biscuits..Eggs..AND BACON! That helped this morning! Lunch was leftovers! For dinner we are having a Mexican dinner! This is something new for all of us, but so worth it! (we all have been taste testing)

I think it is so hard to feel uplifted on Christmas day when you aren’t around anything you grew up with. Our family isn’t around, The food isn’t around,  and the Christmas routine on how you did things has changed! I know even with getting married that changed how Christmas went. Now being over 800 miles away from family it is really different. We struggle to keep the Christmas spirit!

I noticed today that out of the 5 of us(me,hubby,Ms.A,Ms.M, and Ms.D) we all are not around our families often. They do see their families from time to time or weekly,but it’s not the same. It makes me think about all those who have NO family. It makes me think of all of those in the nursing home. I question if they have felt love at least in the past week? It hits me in the head & heart that I am SO BLESSED. I am blessed to have my husband. I am blessed to have these 3 ladies that we get to show love to every day! I am also VERY BLESSED to be able to see our family so close after the holidays!!

I know it is also that time of  year we begin to have those questions cross our minds..when will the children come? I know the other night I was having a rough time between the pregnancy announcements and not yet expecting. I know I took a hot bubble bath, prayed, and tried to relax. The next morning, from the time I opened my eyes the song,”Strength will rise as we wait upon the Lord” by Jeremy Camp kept playing on repeat in my mind. I know it was God all the way!

Soon me and the hubby will do our tradition and watch The Nativity. We will relax & finish packing! We head out early tomorrow and spend the day traveling together with our Simba (cat who will be sedated) and Nash our lap dog!

Hope you have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I will not blog while I am on vacation 🙂


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