Why Santa Isn’t Coming to Town!

In the last few weeks as we have been preparing our home for Christmas, my husband and I have been having a lot of conversation on what we will teach our children when they come.

This post isn’t to shame or upset anyone. It is simply my husband and I’s views on Christmas and how we will raise our children.

As we were talking many questions arose from each of us. I am so glad we had this conversation before rather then after we have children. The first question was the basic,”Will we play Santa?” and “Should we do the whole Santa thing?”

We first looked at our own childhood and what we were raised doing. We learned that both of our families raised us with Santa coming once we went to bed and eventually we figured it out or was told he isn’t real. I grew up being told,”We are going to pay Santa for your gifts!” I should have known, right? I can’t remember how I figured it out or if I was told. I don’t remember if I was devastated or not. What I do know is growing up Christmas was NOT centered around the birth of Jesus.. Therefore that is a big reason why we do not want to do santa.

1. I grew up with Christmas focused on gifts and santa. There was no going to church and just being in awe of the birth of Christ. I now suffer badly with trying to keep my focus on Christ. I have a hard time not worrying about gifts for everyone. I love LOVE to receive gifts(it’s one of my love languages) I also LOVE to give gifts. It’s hard for me to stop,slow down, and focus on why we celebrate Christmas. I don’t want my children to suffer with this.

2. When parents play the role of Santa they are telling their kids that this fictional character flies around the entire world in one night/day and bring gifts to them that they asked for. When parents do this they are setting up their children to believe lies. Parents are lying to their children. Parents teach their children to not lie, yet their parents go on for years lying to their children. This can cause some issues between children and their parents. Children first become devastated that this character isn’t real and that their parents have been lying to them. I don’t know about you,but when trust is broken it is hard to gain back. It also causes questions to come up like “What else did my parents lie to me about?” We really feel that we are to build up our children and build our relationship with our children around love,support,trust,and helping them grow towards Christ. That leads to the next reason.

3.If we lie to our children for years we possibly can ruin any chance of them growing towards Christ. If we lie about santa  at the same time teaching our children about Christ doesn’t that bring confusion. Confusion on “If my parents tell me there is santa then how do I know Christ is real?” They will question which one is real or if either of them are real. We are teaching our children to believe in santa, a fictional character, hoping they will know the real reason for Christmas. Hoping the will focus on Christ as we tell them, “Santa is coming to town tonight!”… They can’t tell what is real or fake. They can’t tell which one their parents may be lying about.

4.We also will never do elf on the shelf. With this other fictional character comes a lot of reasons to ban it from your home as well. Using this elf, we are teaching our children to be good for 1 month because he only comes out in December. Why are we teaching our children that IF they are good they will get a gift. We should be teaching our children that Christ is our gift. God loves us so much He sent His son. He sent him to not only die for our sins,but we receive grace because he died on the cross for us. We receive grace ALL THE TIME! Get this.. WE RECEIVE IT WHEN WE ARE GOOD OR NOT SO GOOD!  I am not saying don’t teach your children responsibility. I am talking about how during Christmas time we tell our children to be good all year long to get gifts. We bring the elf out only during December. We also will not use the elf because let’s face it, isn’t this elf always doing something bad? Isn’t it the parents who place this elf doing bad things while trying to use it saying,”Be good or the elf will tell santa.”  That is a lot of confusion. Why are we using an elf, placing him doing bad things, and saying be good all at the same time?

5. Last but not least.. Not sure if it’s coincidence or not: santa-satan.. I just seen this the other day. I will say it’s God’s way of showing me something I didn’t know. Yes, it’s only letters that may be out of place,but I really think it’s a way to see it as to not do santa. Well all of these reasons tell me not to use santa. Another thing is, as I am writing this post it keeps wanting me to capitalize santa. In my eyes capitalization shows importance, my God is more important to me and my future family then santa ever could be!

I really do hope some of my points help you decide whether to choose to do santa or not. I do NOT pass any judgement on those who choose to do it. Our siblings do it with their children. I just know as a future mom, I want my children to grow towards Christ. I want them to focus on why we celebrate His birth. I want them to know Why Santa Will Never Come to Town!

Have a Merry Christmas!


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