To Do or Not To Do…

Hey All! I am beyond sorry that it has taken me so long to write another post. I am sure you will forgive me right? Pretty please with a cherry on top? Thank you:)

So,Thanksgiving has passed and I think my clothes are glad. I ate way too much food. I don’t know why I ate until I felt sick?! Why do we do that for Thanksgiving? There was plenty of food that was so delicious for sure. I think I ate sides from Thanksgiving to Sunday morning! Now I feel gross. I will not step on that scale right now that’s for sure!

I am finding it hard to get back into the eating right, drink plenty of water, and exercise routine. I will admit it’s always hard for me to stay on track,but I am far from this routine. I made a plan that I will start with taking my vitamins daily(which I do) and then go to drinking more water daily. It seemed easy to do it step by step. Weird thing is it’s hard for me to drink a lot of water because I feel that I am not thirsty throughout the day. Although I did hear that a lot of times we eat when our body is just telling us that it’s thirsty. I will keep that in mind for sure!

I have now began preparing for Christmas and a 2 week vacation!! I have a long to do list between the two. I have already filled out my Christmas cards and will be sending them out today!! Me and hubby have finished shopping for everyone in the family and each other. I think we finished for each other? Decorations and the tree are up! I have been coordinating 2 weeks worth of food, outings,and staff for the ladies. That’s right, I made a menu, a grocery list, began making a schedule for 2 weeks, and contacting our staff about getting extra hours! It’s a good bit of coordinating,but will give me and the hubby the peace of mind!

This year we will have a Mexican/International Christmas with the ladies! THEN the day after Christmas we begin our 12-14 hour drive down to home..Louisiana! We are excited for this vacation. We are excited to be able to see all of our family since most of them we haven’t seen in a year! We are counting down the days/weeks.. 22 days/3 weeks roughly until we leave! Can I get a WHOOP! WHOOP!

Please forgive me If I am not writing as much as I would like. As you see I am doing a lot these next few weeks. Until next time, Have a very Merry December! Loving this time of year and the meaning of it! Don’t lose sight of that with all of your holiday busyness!


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