It Never Seems to End

It is always something that needs to get done that leads to more things surfacing to get done.

That happened to me today. I am not sure if I have ever mentioned what I do for a living. Me and the Hubby work together. We care for 3 ladies with disabilities. When I say care I mean we help teach them how to do things on their own. Helping to teach them how to live more independently. It’s not easy. You get behaviors. When I say behaviors that can be anywhere from simply refusing/unwilling to do something to having a tantrum. I will save you from the details of what that is like. Just picture the worst tantrum of anyone you may have experienced and multiply it by 10!

On top of trying to teach them new skills whether it’s hygiene or learning to communicate to us, there is much more involved.We prepare menus/meals with their assistance, We make doctor appointments, We bring them to all appointments, We help clean their home with their assistance(Just think of doing 2 homes housekeeping), We pick up their medications & keep track of when they are given, We grocery shop with them, We shop with them whenever they may need at any given time, We collect data on paper(then plug it into the computer system), We keep track of how many hours they are getting out(mandatory 25 hours a week), We keep up communication among their guardians, We train staff & manage staff(that is a job in itself), We attend meetings & training,We manage finances(4 checkbooks just at their home & we pay their bills),We organize their home as needed, We decorate their home with them for holidays, We help them host parties for the holidays, We manage the home vehicle(oil changes, maintenance checks, Oh and bringing to the shop as needed Ha! it’s in the shop now), We also contact maintenance when something in the home needs to be fixed.

Needless to say we do a lot. Yes, I am able to work with my husband although 2 out of 3 ladies demand his attention because they enjoy him more. I do live right next door. NOT always a good thing. You begin to feel as if you live at work. We work 55 hours a week. We have Saturday & Sundays off BUT are on call all weekend long. We work holidays unless we request off or fall on Saturday or Sunday. My husband is in school on top of working, so our time is limited. Working with your spouse isn’t always spending time with each other. I enjoy it and wouldn’t want to work with anyone else,but our time working isn’t the same as when we are off.

As you see, we have a lot on our shoulders most of the time. If something is going down hill, so are we. My To-Do list began because we will be going on vacation 12/26-1/12- 2 weeks. So we have to make sure all of these things stay in line while we are gone. I am preparing menus/outings/paying bills/updating books/communicating with guardians….. Making sure all is in line so my boss doesn’t go crazy & WE CAN RELAX.. So..

This job doesn’t come with an on and off switch. So I have to prepare as if I was here for those 2 weeks. Ha, I am sure we will get supplement staff that won’t read a line in that well put together folder. Yes, I created a folder with every and anything you can think of! You name it, it’s in there.(where things are located all over the house, ladies routines,outings,menus,how to do things, what silverware the ladies eat with, medication times,important phone numbers)

We formed bonds with our ladies.We kinda actually love them. Yes, if something goes wrong we are the ones that hear the fussing,but more importantly we are responsible. We care for these ladies as if they were our loved ones. If an injury occurs we start running with adrenaline or like a chicken with their head cut off (not a daily occurrence,but has happened). If one happens to choke, again adrenaline runs,but you get emotional & scared(again not a daily occurrence,but has happened). If one is upset and is acting out because they are upset…you get annoyed just like you would if they were your siblings.  We just go into a room or outside to scream and come back in! I am thankful for these ladies. Although,nonverbal(forgot that part huh?) they teach us more and more of what love looks like.


They never said those words, I Love You, but I know what love looks like. You don’t have to speak it in order for someone to know you love them or they love you. I love this quote by Mark Twain! It’s the tantrum,hitting,pushing you away episode yet grabbing your hand to stay by them! That’s our daily I Love You’s. It melts your heart even though your thinking about the Sour Patch candy commercials!

I may work a lot and only get credit for it from my husband,but I know these ladies are loved. With love comes responsibility. Keeping things organized for them to have a nice time while we are away is our responsibility. With responsibility comes To Do Lists that never cease to end. Just one day at a time. One task marked off each day! Do what you can today. No need to worry about what is left..

Therefore don’t worry about tomorrow, because tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own. 

Matthew 6:34

So glad I am told to worry one day at a time. Isn’t it true, each day brings enough trouble of its own? I hope you all take comfort in this. Know that it’s okay to not get finished with our To Do Lists. It’s hard to remember that!

Are you all resting in this verse this week?


2 thoughts on “It Never Seems to End

  1. I know you have told me about your job before but hearing it again makes me see even more what type of selfless people you and your husband are 🙂 These ladies are so very blessed to have both of you!

    • Thanks for commenting and taking the time to read my posts!

      Oh Gosh, although we complain at times about our job, it’s never about the ladies. Let’s face it they have stolen our hearts! Especially my teddy bear of a husband. Oh Man,Oh Man how I adore it when A goes and hugs him or kisses him on the cheek!

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