My Package Arrived!

Oh how I have been trying to wait so patiently for this package to come in. I felt like a young giddy girl all over again! Ha I had to wait longer because some how my package was sent to the wrong post office! WHAAAA :,(

BUT It came today!!! We had just pulled up after going shopping for the ladies house and it was on our front steps! Oh how I wanted to ditch my husband with unloading the groceries and go straight for the box! He stopped me in my tracks before I could dash. Helped unload & ran next door to get my package!

My sister Aime, treated me so well! First I loved how I had to open a big box to get to a wrapped box and open a smaller one. It was like a treasure hunt! Loved it!

TTC Mug Exchange

It was wrapped nicely:) Excuse my mess of a table. Hubby in school and we both work full time.. sorry! lol

TTC Mug Exchange (5)TTC Mug Exchange (3)

First  I seen were these adorable note cards! Aren’t they awesome!!! I already used one(: This adorable cat on one and different glasses & colors or the other! Love Love them!

TTC Mug Exchange (4)TTC Mug Exchange (2)

Look how amazing my cup looks! Not only does it have my initial on it,but it is so colorful!! It’s also like 3D lol. It indents/pokes out where some of the artwork is. I love love love LOVE it!

TTC Mug Exchange (1)

I had a sweet note sent to me as well, although it was cut off or they didn’t print it all the way! I love my package! Will for sure have coffee tomorrow morning. I hope all you ladies are enjoying receiving and giving within this ministry!


5 thoughts on “My Package Arrived!

  1. Yay!!! I am so glad it arrived and you like it 🙂 I stalked your instagram to get an idea of what you like haha, hope you don’t mind! Here is the entire message: Courtney, I hope this little gift finds you well. I could not resist getting you these cute note cards, they are just too precious!! I know you have pets and can appreciate them 🙂 I am so happy to have been matched with you and I pray for your future babies!! Hugs to you, Amie

    • 🙂 I am glad to be able to read the entire message you sent! It’s okay that you stalked my instagram haha! I did the same to get an idea what to send to my sister! I do enjoy them:) Coffee tasted great this morning! Thanks so much! Hope you get your package soon!!

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